Building Legacies of Excellence

At CGM Innovation, we're more than a service provider; we're your partners in innovation. Our motivation goes beyond transactions - we're dedicated to creating legacies. Through our personalized, tailor-made approach, we delve into your unique story, challenges, and dreams. This is how we breathe life into ideas, crafting cutting-edge solutions that elevate your brand. It's about leaving a mark that will be felt for generations to come.

  • Carla Gabriella CGM Innovation | Founder & Global Strategist

    “My legacy is rooted in pushing boundaries, ushering in the next generation of marketing practices, and creating a lasting impact.It's about more than just the work; it's about fostering a culture of collaboration, driving results, and creating a legacy of excellence.”

Wealth Creation

Ignite Your Gifts, Build Your Legacy with Strategy! Your gift will make room for you, and with diligent hands, wealth is within reach. Carla Gabriella specializes in unveiling your unique talents, showing you how they'll strategically pave the way for your success. Ready to turn your gifts into wealth and create a legacy that stands the test of time?

Brands Carla Has Worked With


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Maretha McCarthy | Herbex Health

Carla’s qualifications and experience in the Fitness and Health industry has been a great asset for the PerformHer brand. During her employment as Brand Communicator she was committed to upholding the values and furthering the mission of the brand. She was enthusiastic about the range and personally used the products. She was a great resource at the 94.7 Cycling Expo. She identified improvement areas and followed this up with a training manual and quizzes to ensure that promoters developed the required standard.

Mahiar Borhanjoo | UNI Diamonds

Carla walked into an industry she has no idea about and took on a challenge for a company that was being formed to help us improve our social media position! Not an easy task. But that is what makes a good marketer. Dive in and make a difference. She helped my company reposition our brand on social media to get ours story out to the world. And she did it very well. It is odd to say I have never met her face to face, but have admired and appreciated her marketing skills and capabilities from a far. She is passionate about her role and delivering on her commitments.

Tamzyn Rowe | B in Balance

My relationship with Carla Gabriella Marketing began roughly a month ago and it was immediately clear from the start that I would be dealing with a strong marketing company. At the time my business marketing needed serious attention. Although my business is TINY, it needed to be marketed. Carla stepped in and had the unenviable task of marketing and branding my business. The relief I felt was immense knowing that I was in good, reliable hands and not having to deal with it myself.Carla is highly professional and yet talking to her is easy and relaxed. She makes life easy. Though I have a very small business I am treated with respect and understanding.Would I recommend Carla Gabriella Marketing?.....Most definitely

Samantha Pascoe | The Harvest Box

Carla and myself instantly connected upon our first meeting. Her outstanding work and creativity shine through her passion for her craft. I am so excited for our growing future together!

Michelle Lee Visser | TL CO

Would recommend Carla to anyone. She is such a kind person and excellent at what she does. Thank you Carla.

Mark Nelson | Panga Panga Furniture

Expertly professional and easy to work with. Highly recommended.

Kurt Schoerie | Artic Edge Apps

Amazing service! Carla is so great at what she does! She is patient, experienced and made the process easy to generate leads! Thank you for your amazing work! We highly recommend this company to anyone who needs to boost sales and awareness online.

Ican Events

Carla is very passionate about her work and brilliantly delivers with excellence. She has a lot of patience with client briefings and many changes that might occur. She treats her work and clients with a high level of professionalism. She is very quick to respond to last minute changes timeously. She is self-disciplined an able to identify problem areas and implement ways to increase return of investment through her digital marketing campaigns. She is very good with increasing social media organic growth, reach and engagement through creative, innovative social posts and campaigns. Carla also managed my client's website and SEO.

I would highly recommend Carla as her services have been invaluable.

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